Types of Criminal Employment Background Check

Published on by Lena Moss

Criminal employment backgroundchecks have become progressively usual in current years as a method for employers to assess possible employees. Employers utilize criminal employmentbackground checks to protect the security of their employees and properties. The kinds of criminal employment background checks which a company will practice will be determined on the position being hired and the business in which the employer works. On the other hand there are two major types of criminal employmentbackground checks which are being observed nowadays.




Ø  Name-Based Criminal Record Checks - Name-based criminal record checks include having a person's complete name, date of birth, and Social Security number as well as verifying a public file of criminal records based on that information. Commonly, name-based criminal record checks are only practiced on the state level, even though several states have unrestrained this procedure. Most private providers of criminal background information use name-based criminal record checks.

Ø  Fingerprint-Based Criminal Record Checks - Fingerprint-based criminal record checks utilize the subject's fingerprints in order to explore his or her criminal background. This process removes the probability of the person using a code-named, and can hunt records from a time in which the subject may have used an altered name. The most noticeable user of this type of criminal record check is the FBI, which has the biggest criminal record database. Some countries have also practicing fingerprint-based systems.....



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