Guidelines before Performing Background Check

Published on by Lena Moss

One of the best options to have a comprehensive background check is by asking the help of Consumer Reporting Agency. This agency normally maintains files that accumulate details found through the sources that they have pay extra charges to have contact to. 




Here are your guidelines before you go with the entire process:



Ø  Inform the employee or applicant that you might access their personal records in their consumer report to create a conclusion about their employment status. You can include the instruction during the application procedure. If you want to be able to able to verify on the person’s reports during the course of the time that they work for you, that should also be included in the file.

Ø  Acquire written consent from the person you want to investigate.

Ø  Declare that you did the methods mentioned with the CRA that you hire. You will need to verify that you obeyed with FCRA guidelines by notifying the person of your desire to use his/her report by having the person’s signature.

Ø  Appoint a CRA. When you decide that your company wants the help of a CRA, you must deliberate a few things to identify whether the CRA you want to hire is reliable enough....





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