How to Professionally Conduct a Criminal Employment Background Check

Published on by Lena Moss

Before you conduct a criminal employment background check, you must be equipped with some information about the person.

Ø  Complete name including maiden name if married or even nickname

Ø  A social security number (which is not necessarily needed but can be helpful)

Ø  Birth date showing an official source

Ø  Complete address where the person lived


And there are four methods on how to obtain criminal records like a professional investigator:


Ø  Seek help from online database – online database gives rapid and easiest way to find criminal background. There are online service providers like that can help you access person’s criminal record. Another advantage of using online database, it is relatively cheaper. On the other hand, this might give you incomplete or inaccurate information so you don’t have to rely exclusively on this method.


Ø  Certified repositories - Authorized sources include state and federal government repositories where you can get information straight through the source.   Furthermore several states proposed ways to conduct a statewide criminal investigation through any of the state court system. Its benefit is that you are accessing an official source run by state government. However, this data sources are only as good as the details they consist....





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