Effective Pre-Employment Screening

Published on by Lena Moss

lead_competitionCompetitive economic environment in our times, firms can’t afford being sidetracked by problems involving employees like workplace violence, embellished résumés, theft, harassment, injury claims or embezzlement. The increasing growth of employers turning to pre-employment screening as the critical risk management tool to have chance to avoid having hiring bad employees in the first place,

But at the same time, all companies are more cost-conscious as well. With the obvious benefits of pre-employment screening, the management always expects human resources professionals and security to produce big results with fewer resources. The Human Resources professionals and security are facing big challenge and they are finding new ways to carry out pre-employment screening program that is very effective and very cost-effective.

Four Goals of Pre-Employment Screening

One: Avoiding Negligent Hiring

The pre-employment screening program must show that employers use due diligence in the hiring process which means that employers needs to take reasonable steps to find a potential employee that is fit for the available job and protect the employer from negligent hiring lawsuit claims.

Two: Accurate Information

An effective pre-employment screening program gets factual information about the potential employee, to go with the impressions obtained from the interview part of the process. It is also a valuable tool for judging the accuracy of the potential employee’s résumés.

Three: Discouraging Applicants Involved With Crimes

Pre-employment screening is a tool that scares job applicants with something to hide, applicants with very serious criminal records will less likely to apply at a company that announces they have pre-employment screening

Four: Encouraging Applicants to Tell the Truth

Pre-employment screening should encourage job applicants to tell the truth in their résumés, job applications and interviews. And since they know the companies they are applying to have pre-employment screening and background checks, they can uncover information about themselves.





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