Adding Integrity Testing to Pre-Employment Screening

Published on by Lena Moss

There is an estimation that at least six thousand business establishments that use integrity tests as a part of the pre-employment screening and selection process for hiring new job applicants for employment. Analysts familiar with this issue believe the tests are only used to screen job applicants for jobs that need fewer skills like employees in a convenience store and retail clerks.

integrityThis definition does not necessarily resolve ambiguities over the universe of tests that are actually just integrity tests. There is a controversy that surrounds the real meaning of honesty and integrity in the workplace; there are arguments over integrity tests and if they differ from other staff tests in the kinds of inferences they support or in the design; and there is only a little information on how honesty and integrity tests are actually conducted in hiring decisions.

What Are Integrity Tests?

Integrity tests are using almost all paper and pencil instruments, administered to job applicants at some stage of pre-employment screening and selection process. Some of these tests are Overt Integrity Tests which are clearly designed to query job applicants about their attitudes toward certain manifestations of lies and dishonesty, especially theft and some information is about their past and their involvement in such activities. An example of the questions in the tests asks the job applicant how honest they are, how prompt and if the job applicant thinks stealing small items from work count as stealing.

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