Evolution of Pre-Employment Screening to Mitigate Risk

Published on by Lena Moss

For employers hiring new employees is a rushed process, especially if the job available is a critical mission. But neglecting to follow through on pre-employment screening will be more disastrous to the company than having an empty employee seat for a couple of months.

A limited pre-employment screening, a lack of checking the facts or single-minded policy about the hiring process could leave a company rushing the hiring process and pick an unsuitable new employee or worse with a tsunami of new liabilities and risks.

The Pre-Employment Screening Basics

There is no bare minimum for pre-employment screening, companies can do whatever they want, but that doesn’t mean they should leave pre-employment screening out of the equation all together. Employers need to look for the right fit for the job available and pre-employment screening will help to make sure that the potential employee is the right one.

evolution-links-services-career-employment-sliderSince every description of jobs is different, each place of employment needs to conduct different types of pre-employment screening and evaluation. Employers need to have a standard benchmark pre-employment screening process fir all levels of employment, from the retail cashier job to the CEO Job. A criminal background check is a recommendation in checking for any place the potential employee lived for the last seven years, including the state, city, county and multi-jurisdictional databases and educational verification.

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