Secured Hiring with Pre-Employment Background Check

Published on by Lena Moss

The Statistics


In the statistics shown by Eurostat and United States bureau of labor, 4.9% of the United States of America’s population are unemployed. This gives a high chance that almost all of these unemployed people are applying from different companies around their state. Although the percentage of unemployment slightly dropped from the year 2014 to the present date, the 4.9% unemployment rate still gives companies over a million of applicants wanting the get the job and it makes the sorting of applicants harder.



One of the most important factors in the hiring process is to have a pre-employment background checkIt is dangerous for a company to let anyone be part of the business, especially when the company holds a lot of sensitive files and big amounts of money. Since employees represent the company, a single unethical employee action can eventually cause the downfall of the company. This is why rules and regulations are create by the management and of course to prevent these scenarios from happening. It is best that an employer thoroughly recognizes their employees even before they start to do the job.


Secured Hiring


To prevent events like employees stealing company information, inside job robberies and many more, the best solution would be to run an on-line pre-employment background check on the aspiring applicant. Not only is running a background check easy, it is also convenient and fast. Here are some advantages of pre-employment background check according to the website


  •           Increase applicant and new hire quality
  •           reduce workspace violence
  •           protect against negligent hiring liability.....




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