We Can Find Employment Record through Background Check

Published on by Lena Moss

Before employing a candidate for the job, there are many factors that you need to know. Employment background check is the most effective and efficient strategy in determining the true identification of the person. We can determine if the applicant  matches with the job depending on the results of the screening. Well, for some it, may be costly, it surely will help us from doing an effective decision making.


Although, it can be difficult especially if you have had numerous job titles, to keep track of your individual employee background. Nevertheless, when you are applying for jobs various companies want a precise record of your previous employment, especially when they are performing employmentbackground check


Here are some tips that you can check to compile all your employment history reports you need:

  • Employment record from Social Security – you can locate the social security department and ask for the information that you need to know specifically the name and address of your previous employer which is indicated on the report if you are requesting for the previous transactions that you made with them.


  • Search your employment background with the help of your tax returns - If you have set aside copies of your tax returns, you should have your duplicates of your W2 forms, as well. That will provide you company information and you should be able to guess the dates of employment and lead you to another conclusion.



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