Importance of Pre-employment Screening

Published on by Lena Moss

Most of the employers are considering pre-employmentscreening as part of the hiring procedure. They will not employ an applicant until they have the background report. Among other information, the very usual is the employment and criminal records. However, there are special regulations when conducting pre-employment screening. Here are some of the rules before compiling the person’s information.



  •   The employer must inform the employee or applicant about the usage or purpose of background investigation. And there must be a written consent. As an applicant, you still have an option to disagree with the condition however there is a greater possibility that you could not win the job. You can contact the Federal Trade Commission, if background screening happens without your permission.
  •       If the result of the investigation shows most of your negative sides and most probably, you’ll not get the job, employers must provide you the copy of the report and give you instructions on how to contact the agency or your own resource which provided the information. He/she can contact them and validate the information or report any wrong information.



If the background investigation found some issues, you can talk to the employer and explain your side and you need to guarantee that the information will not affect your future obligations.....


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