How to Make the Most of Pre-employment Screening by Doing Less

Published on by Lena Moss

The employment process can be exhausting and time-consuming for any business, and it can be significantly frustrating if an employee doesn't end up working enough after you've hired him. Maybe he or she appears like a good or amazing candidate, yet cannot do the task at hand correctly puts himself and other people in threat of injuries and accidents. Luckily, with pre-employment screening, a business can stay away from this. Through a background check report, an applicant's capacity to get the job done correctly if the HR is thinking about hiring him can be tried and tested, sparing both the company and the employee down the line.


There are several reasons why the hiring manager should consider a pre-employment screening before hiring. There are the safety risks that comes with skipping this step in the hiring process. Imagine hiring a drunkard as a driver who claims to have clean driving records. Many people could be in danger because you are too lazy to conduct a background check. It could also be a way to avoid those negligent hiring lawsuits that could make you liable for any unfortunate accidents caused by your employee because you didn’t hire the right person for the job.


More than the safety is maintaining the good reputation and service that you hold. It takes years to get people’s approval and interest in your business. It takes a long time to gain people’s trust in your quality of product and services.... 


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