Avoid These Mistakes in Background Checks with Applicant Tracking Software

Published on by Lena Moss

With the rise of background checks in organizations and companies, it would only be essential that they get the most accurate and complete results in background checks. It is important to the HR, since it is one step that will lead them closer to the perfect candidate for the job vacancy. Here are a few common mistakes and errors that Hiring managers must avoid in performing background checks with the help of applicant tracking software:



  • Aliases or people with common names- With many people having the same name and aliases, it’s important that you double check and verify someone’s location too. It’s because a certain someone might have the same name in a different place. So, double checking the information that the applicant provided is important.


  • Misreading handwriting in original information, typos, search mistakes- Someone’s data might be wrong because the input is wrong. It is vital that you check carefully the name and other data that will be given as an input so the results will be correct.


  • Looking only for criminal records- One of the most common mistakes that HR make when conducting background checks is not going beyond the criminal records. Background checks are there to help you find some who are perfect with the workplace culture. It is also important that you verify his skills and educational background. 




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