What to Expect in Pre-Employment Screening

Published on by Lena Moss

“This is an offer that is contingent upon completion of a respectable and successful pre-employment screening.”

 The sentence that you see above is often heard when you receive a job offer. So does it work and what do what are the things you should expect when uncovered?

89693158Leaving a short-term job, not putting it on their résumés and not mentioning that they don't have the said job anymore will leave many people concerned and it will show up in a pre-employment screening. This is very unlikely, it’s not like your life is open for all to see. Remember that your résumé is a marketing document and you are not required or put anything negative on them, but if asked to write a list of all the jobs, you should do as asked.  Dishonesty is one of the reasons for being fired from a job if you don’t.

What Can We Expect?

  • Criminal Records

This is always the first on the list for employers. What kind of crimes, how many counts and what are the possibilities that they might do it again? All of these depend among the different state laws. Along the pre-employment screening process, it will put together a document that will explain what exactly happened and supported by the evidence. But don’t write up your version of the events that happened, we also have to include court documents. Employers who put too much emphasis on criminal backgrounds are also being checked, so expect employers to have some considerations.

  • Education

Don’t lie about your educational attainment and never fake your certificates and diploma. Even if you are short on credits because your employer will always find out about it.  Library Fines and other things that can cause a denial of your claim that you received a degree from that school, so fines and other things that need to clear up before you apply for a job. The Public Records includes most Certifications and licenses, they are easy to verify. You can’t just go claiming your driver’s license was not revoked or it hasn’t expired yet.


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