Guidance on Pre-Employment Screening and Selection

Published on by Lena Moss

karakter_5This will guide and help employers when they interview, choose and accept new employees or even in promoting a current employee from within the company. But before the interviews begin, employers should take steps to make sure that they reached all the thoroughfares of the pool of qualified applicants.

  • Employers must take in mind that the application form is their calling card. They must know that any questions on the application form unrelated to the job will appear as somewhat discriminatory and will dissuade good and qualified employees from applying to their company.
  • Newspaper and magazine advertising will attract women primarily because they are the main readers. Members of minority groups, people of different sexual orientations and people with disabilities are people of the community who communicates a clear message that qualified applicants from disadvantage groups are welcome to the employer’s company and be treated with respect.

Interviews and Notes

Interviews are always a part of pre-employment screening and conducted by employers to learn more about the suitability of their applicants who are under consideration for a specific job. But sometimes the information being searched during the interviews are not even relevant to the job now available and let discriminatory elements effect the pre-employment screening and selection process. Discriminatory questions like:

  • Where the applicant was born which has nothing to do with their ability to do the job available.
  • Asking their height and weight, which are not for measure of physical strength, but for screening out women or some ethnic or racial groups that is much smaller in stature.

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