Transparency in Pre-Employment Screening Process

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Red File Amongst White For Getting Organized On ComputerMany employees think the process of pre-employment screening is a total mystery. Misconceptions of applicants spread about what pre-employment screening consists of the range of the permanent records to the idea that pre-employment screening of any kind is illegal. But the truth is if conducted the right way, the process of pre-employment screening is a transparent exercise. Following the right rules will help lower or destroy the uncertainty and the worries that a lot of applicants, especially those who have nothing experience when they of through pre-employment screening making one of the first interactions applicants have with employers a good one.

Pre-employment screening is not a secret attempt for companies to kick out applicant they don’t want. Laws especially the Fair Credit Reporting Act is here to make sure that the process of pre-employment screening is clear and transparent.

Employers should tell the potential employee first that they will subject to pre-employment screening. As said in the act, employers need to tell the potential employee that the company will conduct a consumer report as a part of pre-employment screening in a disclosure that is crystal clear to the applicant and in the document that will only consist of the disclosure. Disclosure should have the name and the contact information for the firms who will conduct the pre-employment screening process to complete the report. The applicant needs to have an awareness of the requested report and the company completing the said report.

Requirements of the Act and the Right of Applicants

After the report is completed, the applicant will either be offered the job or denied the employment or take back the offer given. The act also requires employers to tell the applicant of the decision they made based mostly or partly on the report and they should have the contact information about the firm who conducted the pre-employment screening. Applicants will get their chance to speak for their part about the results of the report with the firm. If the applicant decided to do this, the firm will tell the employer. The pre-employment screening firm has 30 days to do an investigation again. If the employers decided to move forward with the decision, the applicant will receive notifications on the final decision of the employer.

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