The Purpose of Pre-Employment Screening Process

Published on by Lena Moss

Pre-employment screening is a service and a process that supports a company’s hiring and selection rules and can involve verification of an applicant’s qualifications and the history of their employment, criminal records check and reference checking, dependent on the level of the job sought.
0605brainiac-interviewThe pre-employment screening process looks for all available information about the applicants and their past behaviors and attitudes, this will take the risk out of the hiring process by making sure that employers have the facts. Ideally, decisions in hiring are only made after careful considerations of applicants past histories, qualifications and experiences.
But in reality, it is hard for companies to carry out these pre-employment screening which results in a real risk of hiring without any enough information and possibility of altering the hiring decision because of the information they gain.
The discovery of information after the employer made a hiring decision and the applicant is not who they say they are and put their exaggerated experiences and or they behaved badly in their earlier jobs.
Pre-Employment Screening Are Applied For Whom?
A lot of companies believe that all potential employees for all types of jobs should need to have pre-employment screening as a practice which shows consistency and tangible of the programs for preventing loss and fairness.
The risks of hiring applicants who does not have any skills or experiences employers think they do are potentially significant. If that applicant has shown dishonesty is someone else’s previous workplace or has prosecuted for a crime of dishonesty, there is a high chance that they will do it again in another workplace.
Pre-employment screening of all potential applicants earlier to hiring demonstrates fairness in safeguards against discovering later what you would have preferred to know before making decisions in hiring.
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