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Published on by Lena Moss

employee-drinking-coffee-while-reading-the-newspaper_1149-189When you receive the sheer number of applicants for your job openings, do you get overwhelmed? Today, it might seem like all the good applicants are lost under the stacks of unqualified job applicants, which is where pre-employment screening software comes in. It can give you a pre-employment screening process that will let you find potential employees that are qualified for your job positions. Here are scenarios that will give light to some questions so employers have an easier time in the pre-employment screening process:


Job Qualifications: Can They Read My Job Ad?

Since there are a lot of applicants and only a few jobs, there are job applicants who will go with the shotgun approach in applying for jobs. They will apply for any job they will see, even if they are over or under qualified for it. But pre-employment screening software allows you to ask applicants questions based on the job they are applying for. Pre-employment screening questions allows you to see all the answers for all the job applicants for that job in a table that sorts on your own, choosing and rank and archive some applicants until you have your own list of applicants who are all qualified for your company.


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