Employment Background Checks are the Crucial Kind of Checks

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Employment background checks are one of the most important checks, employers need to easily confirm an applicant’s past work experience and it also shows applicants who falsify information which is one of the most common areas. Reports say that there was a discrepancy rate of at least 27 percent in the employment background histories based on more than 290 thousand employment verification conducted in the last months of 2014.
Conduct employment background checks and look into an applicant’s past work history that can show insight into their stability and loyalty to their job and employer. Employers compare the applicant’s claims on their applications with the real results of the employment background checks reported by the background check company hired by the employer.
Employment background checks will verify:
• The start and end of job dates
• Titles the applicant held
• The applicant’s salary
• Their job duties
• And the reason for their termination and rehire eligibility
Conducting Employment Background Checks
Employers must get the applicant’s permission before conducting employment background checks. The applicant can decline permission to contact any employers from previous employment. But applicants can still be asked for permission to offer documents to prove their employment, but same goes to previous employers who cannot be contacted especially those who are no longer in business. Employment background checks will verify previous employment based on the clients’ guidelines.
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