What Is Pre-Employment Screening?

Published on by Lena Moss

Foundation of a good security is Pre-Employment Screening. It looks everywhere to verify information of those you are screening to check that they meet your requirements of employments and if they are legally permitted to take up employment offers.

Pre-employment screening is also used to confirm the potential employee’s information and verify their skills, employment and educational history. Concerns also rise when it is about the applicant's integrity like, involvement in any illegal activities, documents that are not genuine, gaps in previous employment, unsubstantiated claims on their application forms, adverse references, and the evasiveness of the applicant to give any information.

Other part of the hiring process can give opportunities to use pre-employment screening. Your opinion will form when you interview the applicant.

Applicant’s Social Media Networks
The use of the social media is widespread routine and is still growing which is also the case for employment reasons. A lot of employers are reviewing the social media profiles of the applicants as a part of the hiring process. A number of challenges will come up when employers use social media for pre-employment screening information. Employers should consider some simple principle, if they will conduct social media checks of applicants.

Migrant Workers

Employers will have a civil penalty if they use migrant workers who have no entitlement to work in a certain country. Employers should be aware of the point based system for people coming to work from outside the European Economic area. Employees must pass a test under the point-based system points give rewards on ability to speak English, salary and experience.

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