Ethics in Using the Internet as a Part of Pre-Employment Screening

Published on by Lena Moss

A trend growing inside the business world and market place today, to use search engines and social media networking sites as a part of pre-employment screening program, Employers are always the ones who are responsible for the actions and incidents that their employees may make and they want to know information about them as much as possible before investing money, time and training required to merge them into their respective companies.
ethics-980x505Nearly half of the resumes submitted to employers contain factual errors, so it is understandable why employers conduct pre-employment screening as a side of caution. And employment fraud and theft cost retail business billions of dollars every year and companies spend 2 million dollars every year from workplace violence incidents. Negligent hiring lawsuits are rising against companies and employers when their employees commit workplace violence, which increased the necessity for employers to conduct pre-employment screening on potential employees and some of the companies have gone to the conclusion to go to the internet to find all the information available of their applicants. But even if it is important for companies and employer to know the people they are about to hire, it is very unethical to depend on information just sitting on the internet as a part of pre-employment screening when deciding which applicant to hire.

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