Five Simple Rules for Becoming the Best Recruiter

Published on by Lena Moss

Finding the perfect candidate for a position requires preparation, proper execution and clear understanding of your hiring objectives. Here are five simple rules to become the best recruiter:




1. Set high company standards.

Obviously, the basic means of eliminating poor quality candidates is by setting the bar high and creating a polished reputation for your company. Depending on the position, it is important that you list down all of your employee expectations so that your aspirants automatically checks whether they are fit for the position.



2. Be strict in checking personal background information.

In a recent survey by the Center of Immigration Studies, there is a 33 percent chance of job-related identify thefts in Arizona alone. Using fraudulent documents is not new in the corporate world, which then highlights our number one rule in becoming the best recruiter: Be rigorous in checking the personal background information of your candidates.


For the purpose of employment, many individuals, particularly illegal immigrants, steals identity and create fraud documents such as Social Security cards, fake "green cards" and even forged drivers licenses just to earn a living and become successful in living a search-free life.


3. Run employment background checks

Doing so does not only improved your regulatory compliance but also decreases employee turnover.

Nowadays, you can easily select a third-party employment background checks provider who have access and has expertise in securing that your candidates satisfy your company's standards but also passes the state and federal regulatory requirements.


Employment background checks as proven by many companies and institutions help reduce the rate of unwanted turnover thus, preventing you from making bad hiring decisions.


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