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Published on by Lena Moss

Isn’t it a wonder why there are so many of jobless people while there are a lot of openings from completely different sectors of the business world? This is a reality that not only the individuals however the government should worry about.
One of the explanations why these items happen is that the lack of acceptable communication of such supply and demand in a very specific area. This is why it’s vital for employers to be ready to devise a good hiring method which will enable all candidates to access. And since the Internet is, for now, the simplest medium of communication, hiring announcement should be done here on top of the written and broad casted ones.

Another reason is the long hiring processes that some employers use, which eventually bore the applicants or get hired by other companies in other places. This thing can be solved with the use of the right tools that can be found online. One of the procedures that keep employers from fast decisions as to who to hire is the background screening procedure. Some companies rely heavily on investigation companies to make a thorough check on the important information and details of an applicant they are interested in. These firms do great job at that but there is a better and even faster means, the use of employment screening software.
A background screening software is an app that can be used in the systems of mobile devices and can be accessed anytime of the day, wherever, whenever. A good example to this is the Intelifi background checking app that can be used across platforms and mobile devices. This app allows users and employers to check on their applicants anytime they need to, like during the interview to validate the veracity of their claims and/or supply the missing details on their CV or resume.

There are other online background checking tools but there can only be one reliable app for the task and that is Intelifi. This software can be accessed via its homepage http://www.intelifi.com. With the name, address, or number of the applicant, an employer can easily access the most vital information about a person—educational, work and even criminal records. So, there is no need to settle for anything less. Intelifi is just a few clicks on the mouse. Try it and be one of the thousand clients who loved the service and came back for more.

For more information about background screening software, you can check it with http://www.intelifi.com/technology/emerge/

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