Background Checking Software and Its Applications

Published on by Lena Moss

The first thing that employers should do whenever they need to hire people is define the skill set and knowledge that the successful applicant should have. And before the hiring announcement should be made public, there should be a panel or a group of personnel who will go through the applications.
The employee screening should include looking into the portfolio or resume of the applicant, interview and background checking based on the information provided by the applicant.

To make this seemingly long process short, it will help to use online background checking tools and software online. Doing so will allow employers or hiring personnel to run a check while at the same time, conducting an interview.



  • Background checking software and applications come in different types and designs.The best ones should be capable of being used across mobile devices.
  • These apps should also be comprehensive enough to fetch the most accurate information on a person of interest.
  • Among these kinds of hiring tools is the Intelifi's Emerge 3.0. It is an application that is available through the designer’s homepage at


This software will allow users to key in names, numbers or any other available pertinent information on a person of interest to enable an intensive search on the most appropriate information regarding the person.


  • The good thing about this background checking software from Intelifi is that it can be used anytime, anywhere.
  • All that is needed to do is launch the program and the search can be done right there and then.
  • In no time, the information regarding the person will be released for browsing purposes.
  • These results can be used to validate the information that has been provided by the applicant and at the same time, make an impression based on the information available.


For more information about Background Checking Software you can visit their website at

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