How to Protect your Record from Background Checks Online

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Background check online is the usual type of investigation that most people do for the reason that it’s more convenient and you can perform the searches for free. However it is time consuming especially for those who are employed. The Google search engine utilized a search “robot” that crawls around the Internet looking for websites that are connected to keywords you entered into the search engine. Most of the time Google’s search results will show personal information that you might not want others to check. Google does not bring out your personal details; the company only hunts the information that has already been circulated through other websites. Since Google has made a standard protocol that will let you remove your personal information on the internet,

Here are your guidelines on How to protect your Record from Background Check Online:

  • Get in touch with the owner of the website that is showing your personal information in Google Search. Find for email addresses or contact numbers that may be registered on the website. It may be shown under the “Contact Us” link. Ask the website owner to remove all the information connected to you and give out your reasons.
  • Go to the Google Webmaster Tools website to finish the Webpage Removal Request tool. Primarily, you need to make a Google account before starting with the process. You can click create an account now to start with the new account. On the other hand, if you already have an account you can immediately start with the removal procedure.
  • Click the New Removal Request to go into the URL that you would like to have erased from the Google search engine. Repeat this step for each URL you want to be removed or try online background checks.
  • Fill out a special Google form if important information is showing up including your Social Security number, banking or credit account record, your handwritten signature or if your complete name is showing on the website. This might lead into more serious problems. There is a different form for each of the aforementioned situations. Once you submitted the form, Google will start the investigation and give you the result after 5 business days.
  • Avoid from using your personal information on websites. This includes your complete name, present address or email address and other significant information.

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