How to Get Good Occupants Using Tenant Screening

Published on by Lena Moss

Tenant screening will be very useful to protect the housing units that you have invested to gain more profits. It will identify the background of your possible tenant since one of the major problems with this kind of business is when you get bad occupants who cannot pay their rental fees on time and usually lead the worth of your property to devalue.

Here’s How to get Good occupants using Tenant Screening:

  • Primarily, make a simple application form and give it to your possible renter. Before you create your own application form, make sure that all relevant information are all present including the renter’s complete name, former address ( including street name, city and state), contact number, social security number, present job( including company’s name and address) and references( wherein you can ask series of questions for the identification of the renter).
  • After the application form, you need to verify all the details stated by the possible occupant. You can ask his current employer about his status on his job or if the information stated on the application are all correct. You may verify his salary rate to prove his capacity to pay the rental fee or better yet go conduct a tenant screening.

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